• Availability of Personnel
  • Time Constraints
  • Consistency
  • Product Quality
  • Cost Efficiency

Availability of Personnel:

Writing and producing operations manuals in-house requires the removal of personnel from their regular positions, which often means units are run without their most knowledgeable personnel. The normal requirement of time for operations personnel to meet with our consultant is 5-10 days.

Time Constraints:

Using trained technical writers with operations experience to write and produce the manuals ensures your manual is produced in an efficient and timely manner. The consultant can concentrate on your manual and not be distracted by other duties.


Having the same contractor produce all manuals results in consistency between manuals.

Product Quality:

It is difficult to review your own writing and to catch errors. Having a consultant review the document will produce a better quality product. In addition, since our personnel have produced many similar manuals, many of the better features from other facilities can be incorporated to produce the best product.

Cost Efficiency:

Efficiency is obtained through the experience of performing the same tasks many times. Using a contractor that has produced thousands of procedures is tremendously more efficient. This includes creating process drawings, the technical writing of the procedures, and inputting clerical data.

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