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  • Cost Efficiency
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EcoScience utilizes a unique team approach to manual production. Our 25-year operations-experienced personnel are the Project Manager, who interfaces with clients operation personnel. The work of these Project Managers are peer-reviewed by other experienced Project Managers, then by Quality Control Specialists, before being returned to the client for review.

Cost Efficiency:

EcoScience has saved clients over 50% of previous outsource cost. We attribute this savings to our unique team approach. We use very experienced drafting and clerical support to perform applicable duties rather than the more expensive Technical Writer’s time to perform these tasks. We have never exceeded budgets for an Operations Manual, a Maintenance Manual, or a Training Manual.

Customer Service:

EcoScience will learn the needs of our client and develop a system to ensure consistent product implementation per those needs.

Format/Level of Detail:

EcoScience can produce products in any client-specified format and any level of detail or provide suggestions for the most user-friendly approach.


EcoScience is willing to provide a list of references and encourage new clients to call and learn about our work from the perspective of existing clients.

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