Areas of Expertise

  • Expertise in technical project management, including project design, budgeting, and supervision of technical staff.
  • Significant experience identifying, analyzing, and summarizing Federal and State environmental rules and regulations as they apply to various operations and projects in multiple states.
  • Expertise in the development of comprehensive regulatory compliance manuals, environmental safety programs, disaster response planning, regulatory compliance audits, and environmental permitting.
  • Fluency in Federal and State environmental regulations, including CERCLA, RCRA, CWA, CAA, and OPA-90.
  • Liaison expert with State Governmental Agencies

Professional Experience

Project Director

  • Project Director and Technical Writer for 52-unit major petrochemical/refining facility including procedures for normal operations, startup, shutdown, safety, environmental, and catastrophic events.
  • Project Director for multiple Underground Storage Tank assessment and remediation projects.
  • Project Director of multiple pipeline emergency response planning projects including mapping, sensitive environment assessments, and emergency information reporting.
  • Management of pollution prevention and permitting projects including air, water, and waste in Louisiana and Texas.
  • Liaison between clients and state agencies.

Project Manager

  • Project management for construction/installation of a synthetic wetlands sewage treatment system.
  • Project manager for multiple facility-unit-specific Operations Manuals and Site Safety Plans.
  • Authored hurricane preparedness and emergency response plans for multiple major petroleum/ refining facilities.

Regulatory Specialist

  • Completed various oil spill contingency plans including an Integrated Contingency Plan for the second largest refinery/chemical complex in the U.S.
  • Developed documents for USCG, DOT, MMS, and EPA contingency planning regulations, EPA and DEQ SPCC regulations, and the Integrated Contingency Planning Regulations.
  • Developed drill documentation manual for major industrial facility.

State Rulemaking Process

  • Proposed all state hazardous waste rules between 1994 and 1996 including the Hazardous Waste Importation and the Waste Minimization Rules.
  • Member of EPA advisory panel for streamlining State Authorization.
  • Prepared economic impact statements for new regulations.
  • Developed the Attorney General’s Statements for Authorization Packages.

Federal Authorization Process

  • Obtained authorization from EPA for the LDEQ to administer programs of RCRA.
  • Responded to verbal and written public inquiries concerning the hazardous waste regulations and authorization.
  • Responsible for developing and tracking the RCRA Grant Workplan for the Hazardous Waste Division.
  • Led the Authorization Program from a six year backlog to finalization.
  • Drafted administrative orders and reviewed permit applications and modifications.


Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA

M.S. Environmental Science, 1994

Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, LA

B.A. Economics, 1991

Additional Training

  • Permit Writing Workshop
  • Corrective Action Training
  • RCRA Orientation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazardous Materials/Waste Training
  • Data Quality Objectives

Publications & Presentations

Hall, Stacey E., 1994. Hold Harmless Agreements: Should they be used as incentives for the cleanup of hazardous waste sites?

Hall, Stacey E., 1995. “Streamlining the Authorization Process”, Invited Talk, Annual EPA Authorization Conference, Washington, DC.

Hall, Stacey E., 1997. “Facility Response Plans”, Invited Talk, Forum for Coast Guard Compliance, Baton Rouge, LA.

Hall, Stacey E., 1997. “Integrated Contingency Plans”, Invited Talk, Coast Guard Compliance Seminar, Houston, TX.


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