EcoScience provides training manuals and training for the following:

  • Initial Operator Training and Development
  • Unit-Specific Training Manuals and training for:
    • Board Operator
    • Day Supervisor

Initial Operator Training and Development

EcoScience personnel have designed and developed basic orientation training for new Operators that have been considered best practices and used as the framework for global training by major corporations. EcoScience can customize orientation training to fit the specific time requirements and needs of any corporation.

Unit-Specific Training

EcoScience has prepared training guides for the refining and chemical industries for 18 years for facilities worldwide. Our vastly experienced personnel have a thorough understanding of what an operator needs to know to operate each unit and how the training materials need to be designed for maximum understanding and material retention. Many training manuals that we have replaced were well written by our client, but missed the primary important aspects of running the unit, including the unique safety precautions or the primary requirements that keep the unit running properly and minimize shutdowns. Because of the backgrounds of our personnel, they begin with the most important aspects on each unit and ensure the trainee understands how and why the information is important.

A study of school teachers and learning materials revealed that the most important aspect of a teacher’s ability to teach is their level of knowledge of the subject. We use highly specialized unit experts to write the materials for units that they worked on for over 25 years.

Specially Designed Courses:

Our training classes are specifically tailored to the client’s needs and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Sketching units within the facility
  • Valves, distillation, refrigeration, compressors, etc.
  • Economic issues
  • Stress, pressure, difficulty of job, and how to be the best employee
  • Safety and environmental aspects
  • Physical challenges, including climbing a tower
  • Team work building exercises

The courses are uniquely designed to challenge the trainee and teach them how to focus under the stress and pressure indicative of Operator duties. Even 2-year community college graduates of operation training find the course challenging even though failure rates are minimal.

Training Aids

EcoScience provides classes that are heavily focused on visual aids, training aids, and may include:

  • Power Point Presentation
  • Props (including equipment cutaways)
  • Videos

Final Outcome

EcoScience is confident that you will be pleased with the final outcome because our trainers closely monitor the major aspects of the trainees’ strengths and weaknesses and adapt their training accordingly.

Experience cannot be taught, but employees can be trained to be better able to meet challenges.

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