EcoScience provides many additional operations support services, specific to individual client needs, as outlined below:

  • Management System Design and Implementation
  • Disaster Contingency Planning
    (including hurricane manuals, emergency plans manuals, and facility response plans)
  • Refinery Superintendent’s Guide
  • Security Manual
  • PSM Audit
  • Operations Efficiency Assessment
  • PHA/Cold Eyes Review
  • Initial Operator Training Development and Instruction
  • Shift Superintendent Training

Management System Design and Support

EcoScience has provided management system design and implementation to various companies. We provide audits of existing systems, provide support for individual areas, or write entire systems depending on the level of need of the client.

Disaster Contingency Planning

EcoScience has developed effective and accessible contingency plans for emergency and potential disaster conditions, such as hurricanes and emergency preplans. EcoScience can use facility- or operation-specific information to develop plans that are practical and easy to implement in an emergency. Our team is proficient with most software packages and can deliver plans in any format required. Our staff has developed the following plans:

  • Hurricane Contingency Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans

Hurricane Manual

EcoScience has a unique approach to disaster planning, in that, we write manuals designed around the meetings that are held. Planning includes: when meetings are held, who attends, what materials are to be brought, what actions and decisions are to be made at each level, and how those decisions are to be made. The manuals also provide followup activities between meetings and assign roles and responsibilities for every decision and activity. Companies have found this simple system provides a very useful tool in navigating disaster mitigation.

Refinery Superintendent’s Guide

is designed for Superintendents and Managers who do not need to qualify on each unit, but need a working knowledge of each unit. The traditional method of training for Superintendents, in most refineries, is to spend a half day on each unit with the Day Supervisor walking the unit. This provides a low level of retention for a tremendous amount of data. The Refinery Superintendent’s Guide provides the desired level of information necessary for that position, including basic guide of equipment and flow of each unit, how they are interconnected and the unique dangers of each unit (i.e. temperatures and pressures). An additional and most important value is that it shows the path of how a problem on one unit will affect other units. New engineers also find this manual invaluable and Crude and Product Coordination will live by the Refinery Map which is an integral part of this manual. The controllers of every unit will also find great benefit as they will be able to understand how other units affect their unit and how upsets at their unit affect downstream units.

OSHA Compliance Support

The EcoScience technical staff has worked closely with many leading chemical and industrial manufacturers in documenting a wide variety of programs and services, ranging from unit operators’ manuals for industrial and chemical processes - to - OSHA compliant training programs. EcoScience can develop your operations, field service, emergency, or repair and maintenance guides, from scratch - or - start with an existing manual and upgrade it to include new information or design changes. Our staff has extensive experience with the following:

  • OSHA Compliant Training Programs
  • Unit Operations Manuals and Chemical Processes Manuals
  • Applicability Audits
  • Emergency Action Plans

Operations Efficiency Assessments

EcoScience combines a team of experts including former Operations Managers, Plant Superintendents, Department Heads, and Operators from major refining and chemical companies to provide a thorough investigation of cost and waste.

We send a Project Manager to your site to talk to your Managers and Supervisors, to collect specific data, and to perform interviews of personnel. Our team analyzes the data and provides you with a report of suggestions, ranging from generic to site-specific, that will save your facility considerable or very large amounts of money. Findings from past audits have revealed items that can be easily remedied by a change in practices while others require some financial investment, but with the benefit being tremendous in comparison to the cost. The study will be completed in approximately one month, with a written report and recommended improvements.

Cold Eyes Review for New Project Design

Because of the tremendous experience of our Operations personnel,  EcoScience has provided improvements to original unit design and a “cold eyes” perspective to both design and field construction.


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